Unimix, as an environmentally conscious concrete ready mix producer we are working to adopt the concept of sustainable development. Over the years we have taken various steps to ensure our operations have minimum impact on the environment and do not result in depleting the resources of the future.

We are among first concrete ready mix producer in the region to formalize company-wide commitment to sustainable construction. Our continuous efforts to improve, implement, and embrace best practices as response to growing environmental challenges has helped us significantly reduce CO2 emission in all our production process.

  • Through implementation of carbon emission measuring and verification practices, we not only keep a check on our carbon foot print on an annual basis but also use it as a baseline for future reduction goals.
  • To improve air quality, we monitor and control cement/fly ash emission by using air pressure differential devices.
  • At Unimix, we follow best practices to recycle all unused concrete that is returned to our plants. In many cases, where possible we utilize it to produce fresh concrete for other construction projects.
  • With the help of water management strategies, we strive to make minimum use of water resource during production process. Therefore we often collect process water in total retention ponds that is recycled and again used in manufacturing process leaving reduced water discharge.

We constantly endeavor in innovating technologies that are pro-nature and encourage clean & green living by initiating community service programs that enhance the quality of lives of people and research developments to support the Green Building Regulations of Dubai.
Several projects of Unimix are designed using eco-friendly cementitious materials like Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS), Microsilica (MS), Pulverized Fuel Ash (PFA) in manufacturing sustainable concrete. It improves concrete strength, durability, resistance to chemical attack, appearance, and sustainability. .

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