Unimix wishes to be recognized by its customers, employees, suppliers, stakeholders and the community as an organization committed to high standards of environment, health and safety practices in all of its activities and operations.
To achieve these goals, Unimix is determined to

  • Comply with all relevant laws, standards, and regulations applicable to our business.
  • Provide resources, time and budget for maintaining and implementing an effective Environmental, Health, and Safety management system through which we aim to improve work place safety of our works, eliminate occupational illness and injuries at the work place,
  • Prevent Pollution of air, water, land, noise, etc caused by our operations and activities,
  • Ensure that all the products, material & processes used in our business shall have the least effect on the environment with an emphasis on product selection and adopt strategies such as reduce reuse and recycling.
  • To ensure the effectiveness of the Health, safety, and environmental policy through inspection, audits, monitoring and performance reporting.

In order to achieve our aims Unimix has set target which will be monitored in order to achieve continual improvement in matters of Health, Safety and Environment and also other aspects of our business.

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