The mission of R & D (Research and Development) at Unimix is to find new opportunities, identify threats and challenges faced by the construction industry, and to develop innovative solutions and products to meet the evolving needs of the market. All our research and development activities are lead and coordinated by central laboratory at Al Quoz, Dubai.

Our R&D team through using new advanced technologies strives to bring new improved cost effective products and solutions to the industry. In addition to that team also provide company wide support for technical sales, production, and quality control implementation procedures.

The objectives of our R & D department are as follows.

  • To propose new R & D projects to help improve company competitiveness through innovation.
  • To introduce innovations in products, operations, and processes.
  • To help new product development process through implementing R & D activities, and improve current products to make them more cost efficient and environment-friendly.
  • To develop partnerships and collaborations with world leading research centers and laboratories to help improve company`s innovation capabilities.
  • To provide support for Standardization, testing and quality control throughout the company.
  • To represent company`s efforts in Research & development in national and international conferences.
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