Quality is one of the most important elements for ready mix concrete producers and suppliers. To win the trust and confidence of customers, it is important that concrete mix suppliers are able to produce accurate yield, deliver consistent slumps and have consistent set times.

At Unimix, We make great effort to make sure that all our products are of highest quality and are consistent with client`s requirements. This is ensured via rigorous testing of raw material we use and end products we produce.

We have established state of the art Quality control laboratory that oversees the development and testing of our mixes. Our ACI (American Concrete Institute) certified team of experts ensures every load that goes out is of highest standards and meet the customer`s required specifications.
Unimix Central Lab at Al Quoz follows Quality Assurance program that is a proactive system to maximize the quality of everything we produce. The quality of end products is tested against national as well international standards. Our laboratory has the ability to evaluate properties of concrete throughout the whole process from materials selection to mixture design, aspects related to placement and durability. This holistic approach in sourcing materials and ensuring long-term durability has become more important as the demands for a more durable, longer service life concrete have become the standard.

We believe consistency and predictability of ready mix is the most important factor for superior quality. That`s why We have placed set of internal and external controls that help in determining the quality of products during and after production. In addition to that Our Plant`s automated batching systems allow us to produce and monitor each and every load of concrete precisely.
Unimix is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company. These Internationally recognized certifications demonstrate our continuous commitment towards quality throughout our products, processes and service delivery within our company

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